SQR400 Flash Funds For MT103 Wire And Fake Bank Alert.

This SQR400 Flash Funds Pro Tool has long been the best online tool for direct wire of funds to a targeted bank account and a very effective tool in this scenario. Likely, Some prospective users do not understand the difference between Direct Wire Deposit (Flash Funds Pro) and Bank Alert (Flash Funds Lite). These terms are further explained below.

The Flash Funds tool comes in two different versions;

  1. Flash Funds Lite ( Fake Bank Alert )
  2. Flash Funds Pro (MT103 Direct Deposit)

The Flash Funds pro | Fake Bank Alert Tool is a complete hacking tool and one of the most sort after bank hacking tool in recent times. Some features of the Flash Funds Pro tool are listed below

  1. Carding
  2. One Time Password (OTP) bypass
  3. MT103 Enabled Flashing

Flash Funds pro | Fake Bank Alert Tool is MT103 embedded which means the Pro version functions just as your regular bank application does with intra/inter bank transfer. The difference is the fact that funds flashed with the Flash funds pro remains in the recipient account for a duration of 72 hours.

The funds can be withdrawn or transferred to the recipients account during the said period of 72 hours.

Note that if the funds flashed to the recipient account is transferred or withdrawn, the recipient account balance goes deficit after the 72 hours duration.

They also have the Credit card drain feature, this feature is termed Carding. This means with the Flash Funds Pro, you can wire out money from a victims Bank account with the use of either a credit or debit card connected to the targeted bank account.

Information required to perform a Credit/Debit card drain using the flash funds pro are listed below

  1. Card Number
  2. Card expiry date
  3. Cvv number (Located at the back of the card)

You do not in any way need access to the victims mobile number as the Flash Funds Pro is equipped with the brute OTP bypass feature.

Unlike the previous version, Flash Funds Pro V11.09 allows you to initiate a direct wire transfer of funds to a targeted bank account. The Flash Funds Lite V11.09 is used only for sending fake bank SMS alerts. Click HERE for details on the Flash Funds Lite V11.09. 

As with a typical bank transfer, the upgraded version of Flash Funds tool only requires the bank name, and account number.

The fact that “funds wired with this tool go directly to the clients account and build up to their balance” is one benefit of the Flash Funds Pro tool.

In-depth Analysis Of The MT103 Embedded Flash Funds

The introduction and analysis of SWIFT cover and serial payments in the latest Flash Funds Pro V11.09 provided us with a good foundation to move further. We can now consider concrete examples of SWIFT MT103 202 cover payments, see which parties are involved and the content of the messages that they exchange.

In this article, we will perform a detailed analysis of a MT103 announcement sent by the Flash Funds Pro Tool to the creditor bank. Let’s first look at the picture depicting the messages and the different parties.

On the picture, Input and output messages are highlighted to make you aware that the message sent, is not exactly the same received by the receiver.

What you see on the picture is a payment that a company in France, customer of Flash Funds in Paris, wants to send to another company in Spain, customer of Banco Santander in Madrid. The payment is in USD currency. Since the recipient, Santander is not located in the USD currency zones, the funds transfer happens through their correspondent accounts opened with Banks in the USA.

In this example, we initiated the Flash in such a way that the correspondent (Flash Funds) is Wells Fargo and the correspondent of Santander is Bank of New York Mellon. In any case, Flash Funds sends a combination of SWIFT MT103 202 Cover messages for the transfer.

Check out Flash Funds Lite 

Major Banks in general create subsidiaries in other currency zones that they use as correspondents. Santander for instance would use Santander New York instead of Bank of New York as correspondent.[/box]

The table below contains the fields that are transported in the Flash Funds MT103 announcement message. An additional column (comments) provides further explanation, so that it is easy to understand each field and what it is used for.

The Sender BIC appears in header block (Block 1) in the MT103 Input and in the application block (Block 2) in the MT103A Output.
Message Type
The message type is the second field of the block 2.
The Receiver BIC appears in header block (Block 1) in the MT103A Output and in the application block (Block 2) in the MT103A Input.
Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference
This reference is provided in the user block (Block 3) and transported end-to-end.
Message text
This introduces the Text block (block 4). All the fields below are in the text block of the MT103 Announcement message. The MT103 and the MT103 announcement contains exactly the same fields.
Sender’s Reference
It is mandatory and of format 16x.
Bank Operation Code
It is mandatory and of format 4!c.
Instruction Code
It is optional and of format :
4!c[/30x] (Instruction Code)(Additional Information)
Code PHOB means Phone Beneficiary. With this code, the sender requests the beneficiary bank to advise/contact beneficiary/claimant by phone when the funds will be received.
Value Date, Currency, Interbank Settled Amount
It is mandatory and of format:
6!n3!a15d (Date)(Currency)(Amount)
Currency, Instructed Amount
Normally optional in the standard. It must be provided because country code of Sender is FR and country code of receiver is ES. See Rule C2.
Format 3!a15d (Currency)(Amount)
Ordering Customer
1/Company France SAS
3/FR/CRETEIL 94400
Ordering customer information is mandatory and can be provided in three different formats according to the options A, F and K. Option F is chosen in this case with format:
35x (Party Identifier)
4*(1!n/33x) (Number/Name and Address)
Sender’s Correspondent
Correspondent of sender (BNP Paribas). Sender has an account in USD with PNBPUS3N.
Receiver’s Correspondent
Correspondent of receiver (Santander). Receiver has an account in USD with IRVTUS3N.
Beneficiary Customer
Company Spain S.A.
Santa Hortensia 26-28
28002 MADRID
Beneficiary customer information is mandatory and can be provided in three different formats: No letter option, Option A and Option F. No letter option is chosen in this case with format:
[/34x] (Account) here in IBAN format
4*35x (Name and Address)
Details of Charges
It is mandatory and of format 3!a. It can take 3 values: BEN, OUR and SHA. SHA means charges are shared between Ordering and beneficiary customers.
End of message text/trailer

The first message in the combination (of SWIFT MT103 202 Cover) that is analysed in detail below is the MT103 announcement.

Narratives & Notes On This Flash Funds MT103 Announcement Message

As usual, there is a lot to say about this Flash Funds MT103 announcement message. The following narratives and notes allow to get a deeper understanding of the message content.

Narrative and note 1 (Main purpose of this Flash Funds MT103 announcement)

The Sender (Flash Funds) is informing / announcing to the Receiver (BSCHESMM) that funds are coming for a specific customer. The funds will be credited on receiver’s USD account  with its correspondent IRVTUS3N.

Narrative and note 2 (Presence of fields 53a and 54a in this Flash Funds MT103 announcement)

The presence of the Tags 53A and 54A indicate that there is no account relationship in USD, the currency of the transaction, between sender and receiver.

Field 53A indicates the Bank which is to provide the funds to the Receiver on behalf of the Sender.

Field 54A is the receiver’s correspondent, the Bank that will receive the funds on behalf of the Receiver.

Sender’s correspondent bank does not have account relationship in USD with the Receiver (BSCHESMM), therefore, Receiver’s correspondent bank must be added to the chain (54A:IRVTUS3N).

Narrative and note 3 (Absence of fields 52a and 57a in this Flash Funds MT103 Announcement)

There is no ordering institution (52A) in the message. So the ordering customer is customer of the Sender.

There is no account with institution (57A). It means that the Beneficiary customer account (:59:/ES6300491800132710387658) is hold by the receiver.

Narrative and note 4 (The charges)

Details of charges (Tag 71A) is SHA. The charges are shared between Ordering and beneficiary customer. Sender pays charges to ordering bank. Beneficiary pays charges to receiving and other intermediary banks.

This ends our analysis of the Flash Funds Pro MT103 Announcement.Note: The above information on the mode of operation of the Flash Funds Pro tool is for those who seek to have an in-depth understanding of how the tool works. Aside this, the Flash Finds Pro Tool is an easy to install and use tool. Anyone who can operate a conventional banking app should have no issue operating the Flash Funds Pro

Cost And How To Purchase The Flash Funds Pro Tool 

The Flash Funds Pro V11.09 does not have a fixed price. Prices are determined by the available balance needed by the client. The table below gives a detailed explanation of the price per balance of the tool. 

Flash Funds Balance (USD) Price ( USD )
500 – 1,000 110
1,001 – 5,000 270
5,001 – 10,000 495
10,001 – 15,000 665
15,001 – 20,000 990
20,001 – 50,000 1,650
50,001 – 100,000 3,000
100,001 – 200,000 6,000
200,001 – 500,000 12,000
>500,000 Contact Support
Flash Funds wallet balance Price

Flash Funds Price List

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Here is a quick case scenario before we go on to the Q&A: Let’s say you transferred the sum of $150,000 to victim, assuming his official account balance was $20,000. When your Flashed Funds hit the victims account, it tops up their amount to $170,000, and this money will remain in the victims Ledger Balance for a period of 72 Hours before being wiped out by the victims Bank firewall.

Is Flash Funds Pro Tool F Withdrawable?

The funds can be transferred or withdrawn from the recipients account during the said period of 72 hours. This is made possible by the MT103 LOG embedded in the Flash Funds Pro unlike the LITE version

If You are looking for withdrawable flash funds app, the Flash Funds Pro will serve your purpose. This is the reason a lot of users tag it to be the best bank flashing tool online.

Is the Funds Transferable

This is possible only with the Flash Funds pro | Fake Bank Alert Tool version. Funds Flashed to eligible countries and banks can be transferred out during the 72hours of the funds being domiciled in the account. It is important to note that 72 hours after this funds are moved out or withdrawn, the recipient account goes deficit. this means negative balance. So we advice against using your personal account for this kind of transaction.

If the explanation above is not clearly defined or if you have more questions to ask in regards to how flash funds works, you can message us privately or do that in the comment section.

How Long can one use this App

Flash Funds got a life time Activation. As soon as your activation is completed, you can continue using the app as long as it remains on your Device.

It’s important to NOTE that the Flash Funds Tool has a balance. If this amount (Balance) is completely depleted, the user must top it up in order to be granted the right to execute more transactions.

For enquiry, click HERE to contact Developer. You can also use the WhatsApp Icon on your screen.

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